Avondale Races


Confirmed meetings for the 2016-17 season as follows;

The meeting in bold type is the next scheduled meeting.


Wed 17 Aug 2016 Avondale       Industry 
Wed 5 Oct 2016 Avondale Industry
Wed 26 Oct 2016 Avondale Industry
Wed 2 Nov 2016 Avondale Industry
Tues 15 Nov 2016 Avondale Industry
Wed 25 Jan 2017 Avondale
Wed 22 Feb 2017 Avondale Industry
Wed 8 March 2017 Avondale


Fri 24 March 2017 Avondale Industry
Tues 25 Apr 2017 Avondale Feature
Fri 9 June 2017 Avondale Industry
Wed 12 July 2017 Avondale Industry
Wed 27 Sept 2017 Avondale Industry
There are TAB facilities available on-course as well as in our Clubrooms.

We stock a fine range of alcohol and non-alcohol beverages, plus 9 gaming machines.

Our Resturant is open from Thursday to Sunday inclusive from 5.30pm, and obviously on Racedays.

Liquor Licence condititions apply.


Usually every April Avondale Jockey Club  and Kumeu Trotting Club hold a "Dual Code" meeting at Avondale.

These combined meetings are a huge sucess, pictured below is one of the winners of the Kumeu part of the meeting.

All_ Tiger_ Avondale_

Photo courtesy of Matt Smith (copyright)

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