A brief history of The NZ 'All Golds' Cosmopolitan Club Inc .
All Black, George Smith toured Britain in 1905, and came back with a new code of rugby, called Rugby League. Together with another visionary Albert Baskerville, they organised a "rebel" tour to Australia and Britain. The players, many who were All Blacks, who went on the tour, were "expelled' for life from the Rugby Union.
The departure of the "All Golds" in 1907 was unsung by the New Zealand press, but many dominion sportsmen admired the courageous spirit of this team.
34 matches were played against Britain and Australia, and incredibly 19 wins, 12 losses and 3 draws were the final tally .The team took with them an Aussie calledDally Messenger, an ex Rugby player he was to become the most prolific scorer of all time. Sadly Albert baskerville died in Australia on his way home to NZ. Dally Messenger formed an Aussie team upon his return and that team toured Britain as well.
Three games were arranged to play Australia whilst enroute to Britain . These matches were played in August 1907. The New South Wales players were dubbed the "All Blues" by wearing dark blue jumpers with the Kangaroo emblem. Our guys were dubbed by the press, the "All Gold's" because they were paid by gold coin. The N Z team opened with the Haka,  and won all three games. 12-8, 19-5, & 5-2.
Not only is the club noted for being the catlyst for Rugby League being played in N Z, they had other members that did well under the clubs banner.
Calvin (Craddock) Duffy; an All Black player was also a foundation member and a past President.
Clark McConachy won the world billiards championship under the banner of the "All Golds" He received a M.B.E. He won his first New Zealand title at the age of 21.
The first patron of the Club was the Hon. Paddy Webb from1940-47. He was also the first life member.
 Sir Ernest Davis from was patron from  1947-49. The Club's first Auditor was Robert Muldoon, to become later,Sir Robert Muldoon
The club gained its charter in 1952 after a 10 year battle where they became known as the NZ "All Golds" Assn.They were known as N Z "AllGolds" Old Boys Assn prior to 1952.Then the NZ "All Golds" Cosmopolitan Club in the late 1980's
With ladies being granted membership in 1983,  the first intake consisted of 9 Ladies. 3 of the original remain and are now life members and one of that number, Karen O'Sullivan,went on to become the first female President of the Club. 
Premises ranged from the Britomart Tavern in the very early days to a shop downtown which quickly became  too small. They then moved to K R'd where they now had a membership of 3000 men only. Women were allowed in on "Ladies Only Privilege Nights".  This changed in the 70's and finally they were allowed to become members in 1983.
There was a relocation from K Rd to Galatos St. in the Old Druids hall which lasted approx 30 years. Another move took place to Edinburgh St but a few years later as the "Drink Drive" laws really took effect the Club opted to go into recess, which lasted approx. 18 months, until the most recent relocation to the Avondale Racecourse in about 1996-97. Membership is growing in the current location and the Club has a bright future ahead of it.
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