Club Executive:
President: John Hetherington
Vice-President: Bert Otene
Treasurer: Sue Cassidy
Club Secretary: Sue Cassidy
Club Committee:
Mick Corbett
John Vasau
Paul Burrows
Kay Cossey


Duty Bar Managers:

Pauline McDonald

Emily Latimer

Office Manager and Gaming Venue Manager :
Kay Cossey



New caterer to start shortly

Each and all of the Committee members and Staff are available to members and to provide assistance to members and prospective members.

If you have an important issue, please lodge it in writing or e-mail addressed to the Committee

and it will be looked at the next committee meeting, which is normally the Monday around or after the 20th of the month.

Members phone:  (09) 8204036

Office and Bar: (09) 8204223

Fax: (09) 8204273.       


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