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Pictures of the Club



League fans please take note
We have copies of the original photograph taken in 1908 (framed) of the very first ever NZ rugby league team (All Golds)
All Golds 1908 Picture
$299.00  (GST incl.) each
Please contact us by e-mail, fax or phone if you are interested


4.00 PM till 8.30 PM


4.00 PM till 8.30 PM-11 PM


4.00 PM till 10.30 PM


4.00 PM till 11.00 PM *


3.00 PM till 1.00 AM


Noon till 12.00 PM *


2.00 PM till 9.00 PM *

* Later if there is a function being held.



Our kitchen is available for most all kinds of Catering


Are you a member of the 'All Golds' Club?
If so, e-mail us with your e-mail address, it makes it so much easier to pass information on to you.

Members phone:  (09) 8204036

Office and Bar: (09) 8204223

Fax: (09) 8204273.       

Email: nzagcos@xtra.co.nz


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