Welcome to The NZ 'All Golds' Cosmopolitan Club Inc.

Major news.

We have moved.

At close of business Oct 15th 2017 (Sunday)

we are no longer at Avondale Racecourse.


We are now based at Avondale RSA,

7 Layard Street

We have merged with the RSA to become a joint entity as below;


2 October 2017


Avondale RSA are pleased to advise that the All Golds Cosmopolitan Club will be moving from their current premises at the Avondale Jockey Club to join us here on the 17th October 2017.

This is a major event for both Clubs and we know that All Golds will be made to feel welcome as new members of the Avondale RSA. As many All Golds members are already known through the various sections, i.e. pool, darts etc this should assist with the transition.

There no doubt will be a period of adjustment and we ask that all members work together to achieve the maximum benefits of this amalgamation.









Pictures of the Club



League fans please take note
We have copies of the original photograph taken in 1908 (framed) of the very first ever NZ rugby league team (All Golds)
All Golds 1908 Picture
$299.00  (GST incl.) each
Please contact us by e-mail, fax or phone if you are interested


Office ( R S A ): (09) 8285000


Email: nzagcos@xtra.co.nz


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